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The Global family takes pride in the fact that we have visited face to face with almost 200,000 prospects over the years. We continue to remain the most popular source of vacation packages in the community. Instead of spending millions of dollars a year on TV commercials and public advertising, we spend our marketing budget on providing our qualified prospects with a high value travel incentive to come meet with us in person! It’s that simple.

Our goal is simply to provide you information and history about our company, and show you the great travel packages we currently offer. Do we HOPE you find them attractive? Of Course. Do we calculate that you may eventually want to buy one? Of course we do! Some Do, Some Don’t. It’s a 50/50 opportunity for us , and a guaranteed win for you. Ultimately, you will discover how over 100,000 loyal clients take repeated luxury vacations, over and over, while never paying retail and saving thousands of dollars on their trips.

Come find out what all of our customers are raving about!

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Join us for a special promotion at one of our beautiful travel offices in your area.

2. Join in a fun-filled, no obligation, 90 minute focus group explaining how our services can help save your family money each year on travel.

3.Pick up your travel incentive, and start planning your vacation.It is a great experience!

We look forward to meeting you!